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Melissa Ferrer, formerly known as Missy T. Ferrari, belongs to no one place in particular. Rooted in the practical and the possible, she lives in Kansas City but her home is in the Spirit. Her spoken word poems and songs are mostly meditations and responses to the world around her and her own internal journey. Through writing, organizing, performance, education and workshop facilitation she seeks to provide a sense of solidarity among all people, encourage people to act unto peace and love, and foster community among both the like and unlike minded. Recently, she’s been yearning to set down her ego and replace it with a jubilation of the spirit. She wants you to join in, in whatever capacity you can! She wants you to listen and to respond.

Melissa received a Bachelor’s Degree in both Creative Writing and Italian from The Florida State University. She has also received her Master’s of Education with a specialization in Urban Education from Park University. She’s competed at the 2018 National Poetry Slam, 2019 Rustbelt Regional Slam, and has won countless other slams in different parts of the country. She was also long listed for the Palette Poetry 2021 Emerging Poet Prize. Her debut chapbook Birthing Pains is available here. She is a current Poetry Candidate in the MFA program at Randolph College.

Melissa is a philarchist. From the greek word phileo, meaning the love of intimate authentic friendship. Melissa believes we all should be ruled by the love and freedom found in intimate and authentic friendship.


My Journey

A Little Introduction to my How & Why.

Hey Friend, 

Dropping the honorifics and third person real quick just to talk to you. Heart to heart. You see that picture to your left? (or above if you are on mobile) How about the faint picture behind? Those are my friends. And I love them. I love my friends, which means, I love you. 

After years of searching for God’s will and trying to figure out my role in it. After countless mental hospitals, withdrawing and reenrolling in university, joining a communal religious organization, living out of a van with some good hippie friends, and finally landing in KC, on my knees, I finally surrendered to the truth of not knowing anything at all. I discovered that God’s Will was that I was alive. I had been trying to shirk off God’s will for my life by trying to chase what someone else had, or found, instead of going to the throne of God which is in my very heart. 

Through Repentance (the pivot of perspective to help me realize that I had it all backwards), Accountability (The ability to say, I matter in my life despite what cards I’ve been dealt, I’m the one that’s holding them and I get to choose how to wield/play them), Surrender (the realization that I didn’t know how to play any of these cards or what to do with them, I just knew that I had them. And with claiming them I was able to hand them off to God, the Great Unknown, the Great Goodness of Life itself, to show me), Forgiveness (I had to learn this over and over again, forgiveness isn’t about understanding, but just trusting that itll be okay, regardless of what we see with our eyes) this can also be called Faith (faith being the process by which all of these can be done. when all you see is bad, so you align with your heart, and say i believe there is goodness somewhere, some how in the midst of it all). 

What does this have to do with my friends? What does this have to do with you? The stirring of the heart is no small thing. It is a miracle in the making. God has led me to a lot of people, and a lot of people to me. And together we uncover forgiveness, repentance and love in the midst of us. Through friendship. I’m not so much for being tied up in religion. But submersing myself in the experience of life and love itself to uncover who I am. And I do that through meditation, reading, speaking, performing and most importantly, through my friends. No matter what faith or religion they do or do not belong to. No matter what political party they align with. No matter what their beliefs are. It is a way in which we live. One that is open and has space for others and difference to uncover sameness and family. It is the light we have cultivated on each of our paths, where God has always been for They are everywhere, Love is everywhere, and that light which we bring to help each grow and walk each other home. I don’t claim to know much. I’m not so foolish in that way… any more. But I do hear in my heart that MUCH IS POSSIBLE. That GOODNESS IS. And it lives in the midst of us, ALL of us. And that’s why I do what I do. 

If you find yourself moved by this, If you find yourself reading this, If I find myself in your presence, I attribute it all to the Goodness of Life. Which is always happening for us. And through us. 

I write. I sing. I play instruments. I perform. I speak. I teach. I act. I listen. I entertain. I laugh. I do all I can to help stir the pot. The heart, which I like to call the Gumbo of the Chest. Haha. 

If you have any questions. Or would like to have a conversation. Or would like to book me for anything. Let me know! I’ll be living and loving in the meantime, in between time!


I am deeply grateful to , who has been a voice of reason in a time of chaos. A voice of love in the midst of hate, a voice that urges peace in the midst of strife.
J. S.
[Our one on one session] was amazing. I felt like I was given more by Melissa then I could have ever hoped for. I felt held and empowered. I saw my "stuff" from a new perspective which I was surprised by. I had things she said coming back to me the few days following our session providing me with even deeper understanding and insight.