“The Return”

Published in Thought For Food anthology, May 2020, by South Broadway Ghost Society, benefiting Denver Food Rescue.

“On Holiness”, “How Erosion Birthed The Promised Land”, “A Plea for No More Ghosts”, “L.O.G”, and “There are Those”

Published in Florilegium anthology, 2021, by Turnsol Editions

Unsettled Settling” (“When I say I want to Go Home/ For Those Who Only See Rain When The Sun Is Shining Bright”)

Published in Moonlight Mag‘s Issue 2, May 2021

“A Night in the Psyche Ward”

Published in Fahmidan Journal‘s Issue 6, May 2021

“Brooklyn Blues”

Published in Core. Zine Issue 1

“How The Children Came Home To Roost”

Published in Zoetic Press’ NonBinary Review Issue 24: Industrial Revolution

“A Roar In The Flesh: Vignettes”

Published in The Mark Literary Review, June 2021

“Some Little Known Facts” & “Some Learned Facts”

Publshed in The Sunshine Review Issue 2: William Blake Edition, June 2021


“The Fat Lady Isn’t Singing Because She Is Still Eating. And What Are You Doing?” (CNF Essay)

Published online by ZiNDaily, June 2021


Heart Village Takes a Seat At The Table and So Can We.

Published in The Kansas City Star, Sunday, September 12, 2021


Birthing Pains is an apocalyptic chapbook collection of poems and essays written and curated during the grounding period of 2020. Published by Turnsol Editions. You can purchase it here.